Coming Events

In April of 2015 we had council elections: Steve Piscitelli, Minister, Marcia Campbell, Vice Minister, Karen Connair, Secretary, Art Scarano, Treasurer, and Pat McGrath, Formation Director.
Ruth Higgins and Marcia Campbell will assist Pat with formation. Claudia Carpenter is Hospitality Chairperson.

Beginning Jan 2016 we had an Inquiry Class at home of Pat McGrath OFS for Comfort Lartey and Mary Ann Friesen. Marcia Campbell will host alternate inquiry classes at her home.

Begin with the first meeting of 2016, we changed the format for our meetings, beginning with celebrating Mass together at St Mary’s in old town at 8:30 a.m. followed by a social hour at 9 a.m. at St Mary’s Lyceum. At 10 A.M. we will have an opening prayer, then a short business meeting followed by Christian Prayer, Ongoing Formation, or a guest speaker, ending with a Franciscan Crown Rosary and closing prayer.

Dates for Christ House apostolate will be announced along with prayer intentions in our monthly newsletter.  At this time we are looking for volunteers to help with the serving of meals at Christ House on the third Saturday of the months of January and February; setup begins at 3 P.M..

On September 2016 we met at St Lawrence Catholic Church in Alexandria VA while St Mary’s Lyceum was undergoing renovation.  We heard an excellent talk from Geneva and Jim Park on Theology of the Body.

We will attended the Franciscan Monastery at 7:30 P.M. to celebrate the Feast of our Holy Father St Francis of Assisi vigil on Oct 3, 2016 which we call the Transitus.  There was no other meeting for the month of October.

In November we tried to resume our regular meeting on the second Saturday of the month at St Mary’s Lyceum.
Steve Piscitelli had a death in the family and could not attend the Regional Minister’s meeting in Maryland while Marcia Campbell will preside over the regular meeting. Our guest speaker was Fr. Bork, Associate Pastor, St Rita’s Catholic Church.
We always encourage folks to bring a friend or family member.

Location for our Advent Party for December’s meeting was St Lawrence due to construction at the Lyceum. The meeting in January 2017 was canceled due to weather forecast of ice.

Reminder that the Padre Pio prayer group will meet every third Sunday at 2pm at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church.

Please submit notice for upcoming events to Steve Piscitelli at as soon as possible and at least one month prior to the event.

Reminder: Please don’t forget to pray a daily rosary for our country’s new leaders, and for peace in Syria in addition to all those on our prayer list.